Dude, the police found your car & other weekend crime


Stolen car found, no apprehensions
Friday, Jan. 30 – The silver 2004 Infiniti G35 that was reported stolen from the 1100 block of Randolph on Tuesday, Jan. 27 was recovered by Chicago Police, but the suspect(s) responsible were not found, according to the Oak Park Police Department.

Suspect caught with 30 bags of heroin
James Demattia, a 42-year-old male, was arrested for previous citations on the first block of Harrison the night of Friday, Jan. 30. He was found in possession of 30 small bags of heroin and two small bags containing a rock-like substance believed to be cocaine. Demattia was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and is being held for bond hearings, according to police.

Blue-hooded bandit has a case of the munchies
Saturday, Jan. 31 – An unidentified male in a blue hoodie believed to be in his mid-twenties to early thirties came away with two bags of Chips Ahoy cookies and two Hostess Honey Buns from the BP Gas Station located on the 300 block of Lake St. The suspect was last seen on foot running south on Ridgeland to North Blvd., according to police.

Oak Park Police finds a missing elderly person from Rockford
Cole Clifford, an 87-year-old male that was reported missing by the Rockford Police, was found on Saturday, Jan. 31 by Oak Park Police. Clifford was brought to the Oak Park Hospital for evaluation and family members have been notified, according to police.

Dude, somebody broke your car window
An unidentified suspect(s) used a rock to break the front passenger side window of a 2011 Silver Buick La Cross on the night of Saturday, Jan. 31. The car was parked on the 100 block of N. Humphrey, according to police.


All data has been compiled from the Oak Park and River Forest police departments. Anyone named in this report has been charged with a crime(s) but cases are still pending.


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