Five best bars to watch Super Bowl XLIX AOP


The first snap of Super Bowl XLVIII soared well over Peyton Manning’s head for a Seahawks safety, and my interest quickly followed. The play foreshadowed the events to come in a game that was dominated from start to finish by Seattle, ending with a score of 43-8 over the Broncos.

As an avid sports fan, it was the first Super Bowl in recent memory that left me disappointed. Even if I followed the Seahawks, I don’t believe I would have enjoyed it as much as winning a closer contest. I know I’m not alone in the boredom I felt last year which led me to think ahead in preparation for this Sunday’s game between the Pats and Seahawks.

It is my hope to watch a more competitive game, ogle Katy Perry as she prances around the stage at halftime and be entertained by the commercials, but I thought it vitally important to pick a fun environment in case the game results in another rout. After speaking with some of the finest bartenders, managers and owners in the area, I compiled a modest list of bars to watch the game in case you are still looking for ideas.

I. Avenue Ale House
825 S. Oak Park Ave.
Oak Park, IL 60304

Sunday will be the last chance to take advantage of the NFL menu that has been featured all season. Menu items include fish tacos amongst other finger food items that each cost $5. Drink specials include $5 Beer n’ Bourbon, Bloodies, Bellinis, and Mimosas, and $12 domestic buckets. Besides the specials, Ave Ale House has over 100 varieties of beer. Don’t hurt yourself by trying to sample them all, but if you get a big enough group together you might just be able to cover them.

II. Bar Louie
1122 Lake St.
Oak Park, IL 60301

If you want a tall draft beer, the bartender will only charge you for a short glass. Not a fan of beer? They’re offering ½ price Sangria in case that’s your poison. Bar Louie is anticipating a big crowd on Sunday in the bar area so if you want to meet some new friends you’ll be headed to the right place. If you love the food and want a more relaxed environment, the dining room will be less crowded and you won’t need to stress for a reservation.

III. Fat Duck Tavern & Grill
7218 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130

Pizza and football have probably surpassed Bert and Ernie on the “best duos of all time” list by now but don’t quote me on that. If you are interested in some pie during the game, I recommend going to Fat Duck. The bar is offering $5 for cheese/pepperoni/sausage pizzas and they aren’t skimping on the drink specials either. Customers are welcome to $5 Absolut Bloodies, $12 domestic buckets, and $17 Corona buckets.

IV. Shanahan’s
7353 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130

Shanahan’s is the place to go if you’re more interested in the halftime show as opposed to the game. A free buffet will be put out for everyone to enjoy from the end of the second quarter until they resume play in the third, and you read that correctly – free. ½ price appetizers and $3 domestic bottles will be served throughout the duration of the Super Bowl.

V. Sláinte
7505 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130

Sláinte has the best prices of any bar in the area. The bar will feature $2.75 domestic bottles, $10 domestic buckets, $4 bomb shots, $5 Bloodies, and $5 burger with fries. I highly recommend this place if you are trying to enjoy the Super Bowl on a budget. It’s an added bonus if you appreciate the ambiance of a traditional Irish pub. Cheers, or should I say “Sláinte,” the Gaelic translation for “To good health.”

Honorable mentions include Lake Street Kitchen & Bar, Chalk and Healy’s.



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