Man Died Of Heroin Overdose At OPPL

Photo credit: Wikimedia

The Cook County medical examiner’s office has determined that the man who was found in a bathroom at the Oak Park Public Library’s main branch in April died from a heroin overdose.

Todd Leslie, 48, was found April 11 after a library patron was unable to access a single-use bathroom on the third floor, claiming it was locked for an inordinate amount of time.

“A member of our outsourced security company was asked to open the bathroom door because someone had complained that it was locked,” said Library Executive Director David J. Seleb. “Upon opening the door, the man’s body was discovered.”

Allied Barton Security was the company partnered with OPPL at the time of the incident.

“Based on the information the police gave to me and other key staff on April 11, they determined on-site that it was their opinion it was likely Mr. Leslie had been locked in the bathroom at least overnight,” Seleb said. “Based on that information, I had very strong reason to believe our security team had not done its job properly. Based on that information, I terminated Allied Barton’s contract that day.”

The library has not had many reported issues of drug use in the past, however, Saleb urges everyone to use this circumstance as a learning opportunity and step forward with information if they have reason to believe someone is using drugs in the building.

“What happened here was very unfortunate, but this is not a unique thing in today’s society,” Seleb continued. “Heroin addiction is an epidemic, and people are overdosing and dying from this every day. It was very disturbing and shocking to me and my staff the day it happened.”


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