Oak Park 7-Eleven employee shoots attempted robbery suspect


An employee at the 240 Chicago Avenue 7-Eleven location shot and critically wounded an alleged robbery suspect late Monday night. Upon arriving at the crime scene, officers found a man severely bleeding from his abdomen who required immediate medical treatment, according to Oak Park Police. The cops reported that, strewn across from the injured man, were the upper parts for AR-15’s, suggesting the use of handgun by the felon.

There have been no charges filed against the clerk who fired the shot at one of three men who attempted to rob the convenience store. According to Village spokesperson David Powers, the 7-Eleven employee possesses a legal firearm owner’s identification card (FOID).

This is the fifth time in the past year that the store has been robbed, according to a 7-Eleven manager at the 240 Chicago Avenue location.

ABC7 Chicago obtained quotes from Oak Park residents and customers: “I’ve been here for about 10 years and the last couple years you can tell that there’s more crime around this area,” said Vince Wheeler. ”

“I love Oak Park. I think overall it’s a very solid, safe place to live,” said Julie Gerut. “But I do think that people have to be on their toes and be street smart.”

Mayor Anan Abu-Taleb commented that the incident was unfortunate, especially given that a man was seriously wounded. “Public safety is priority number one,” said Abu-Taleb. “We are doing everything we can to provide the police department and village staff with all the resources to provide safety for the community.”

The man wounded from the incident is currently being treated at Loyola Medical Center in Maywood. The other two suspects fled the scene after the gunshot, according to police.

This investigation is currently ongoing. Anybody with information on the robbery or shooting is encouraged to call the Oak Park Police at 708-386-3800. You can also provide a crime tip anonymously by calling 708-434-1636 or visiting Oak Park Anonymous Crime Tip.


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