Oak Park pizza delivery driver victim of armed-carjacking

Photo courtesy of Daniel X. O'Neil via flickr

The Oak Park Police Department is investigating a March 25 armed-carjacking of a pizza delivery driver. Four young teenagers are suspects in the incident.

According to the police reports, the driver was approached by a male believed to be around 15 years old on the night of the carjacking. The driver was sitting inside his car at 9:18 p.m. in the 1000 block of Highland Avenue, when the suspect displayed a handgun and demanded the driver to exit the vehicle.

Immediately following the carjacking, a second teenager approached the driver with a handgun and searched through the victim’s pockets. Two more teenagers entered the back seat of the car, and the four suspects drove off south on Highland Avenue before turning on east Fillmore Street, police said.

Oak Park Detective Sergeant Michael Lepczynski reports that there was nothing else reported stolen during the incident besides the car. The matter remains under further investigation.


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