Oak Park Releases Infographic to Breakdown 2015 Budget

photo via Village of Oak Park Twitter

The Village of Oak Park released an extremely helpful infographic via twitter on Monday, to help breakdown the adopted 2015 village budget. A large part of the budget this year, and for the next 4 years, will be going to the proposed alley and  street improvements.

Fortunately that money does not come out of your property taxes.  Rather it is raised from fees such as the ones that you pay for your trash and recycling receptacles as well as your water and sewer service.  The cost for your trash cans and your water and sewer fees, will both be increased this year, but there are still opportunities to save (see our post from earlier this month).

Beginning Jan. 1, the monthly cost for a 64-gallon refuse cart will rise $1.50 to $19.60 and the cost for a 96-gallon refuse cart will increase $2.50 to $23.88. Green yard waste stickers will remain $2.40 and pink bulk refuse stickers $2.

Also beginning Jan. 1, the combined rate for water and sewer service will rise $1.24 to $10.76 per 1,000 gallons of water used. Residential customers will be assessed a $5 monthly service charge, while commercial customers will be charged a flat rate of up to $15 per month depending on the size of the service connection. The flat fee provides for basic water service, while the volume charge is a true user fee.

To get more information and see the full budget, follow the link here.


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