OPRF chooses parking garage as new location for pool

Photo Credit: kghpc.com

Oak Park River Forest High School has chosen the Lake & Scoville parking garage to be the location for a new pool on campus. The garage will be purchased from the village for $3.5 million and the total cost of the project will be about $37 million, according to several reports.

The decision to demolish the Lake & Scoville parking garage to make room for a pool was made at Thursday’s District 200 Board of Education meeting with a unanimous 7-0 vote. This decision comes after more than three years of debating where to put the new pool, so it’s sufficed to say this agreement was carefully planned.

The new pool structure will not incorporate parking, and the district has been working closely with the Village of Oak Park to develop a plan for replacing the 300 parking spots lost in the demolition of the garage with on-street parking around the high school, according to the press release.

“I do support having a careful parking plan to keep staff and teachers closer to the building,” said Lynn Kamenitsa, an OPRF parent and neighbor. “I’m not heartless when it comes to that, and it is a real challenge, but I believe it’s something that can be overcome.”

A decision about how to finance the project will be made at a later date. Construction is planned to begin in June 2016, with the pool to be completed in time for the 2018-2019 school year, according to a press release from OPRF.


  1. The parking garage is how old and they wanna tear it down now? This is just a waste of resources from all aspects.

  2. And how about if they put playing fields (using astroturf) atop the pool building (like they do at Cal Berkeley and other campuses) ? This is not a joke question; I am serious. It could expand playing fields for team practices, gym classes, etc.

  3. “A pool” OPRFHS has two at the moment. WHy not just restore those? [I probably missed this discussion]. My family was one of the true “outliers” for getting to school, being on THatcher south of the tracks. It would have been much easier to drive than to take the bus.

    Possibilities: Put parking underground, under the pool. Put parking under the stadium and field.


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