OPRF lockdown cleared, campus reopened


The Oak Park-River Forest High School campus has reopened following a soft lockdown Tuesday morning. School officials decided to close the campus following rumors of a security threat.

“The investigation was prompted when an OPRF student saw a social media posting that she believed indicated a potential threat of a weapon on campus,” said OPRF Director of Communications Karin Sullivan. “As soon as the matter was brought to our attention, we decided that the most prudent course of action was to close the campus until police officials could complete their investigation.”

Deciding to close the campus was a precaution and school officials worked closely with police to investigate the matter and ensure no students or faculty were in real danger.

“We realize how anxiety-provoking it was for families to receive our message without details about the exact nature of the threat,” Sullivan continued. “Please understand that in a rapidly unfolding situation such as this, our primary focus is on working closely with law enforcement and keeping your child safe while we determine the credibility of a threat.”

OPRF will resume classes and activities normally following the “all clear” signal from police.



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