OPRF Swim Coach Peter Quinn to be inducted into Hall of Fame


Oak Park and River Forest High School (OPRF) Swim Coach, Peter Quinn, will be inducted into the Illinois Swimming & Diving Association’s Hall of Fame on March 9 at the organization’s all-state banquet. Serving as swim coach from 1992 to 2012, Quinn will receive the highest honor for Illinois aquatics with this induction.

The prize is based on voting by the ISDA membership, and only one boys’ swim coach a year is inducted, Director of Communications and Community Relations of OPRF Karin Sullivan said.

Since 1983, the OPRF alumni was an all-state and all-American swimmer and water polo player. Being also the 1983 state champion in the 100 freestyle, he has held such school record for 31 years.

Before returning to OPRF in the fall of 1992, Coach Quinn attended the University of Wisconsin and qualified for the 1984 U. S. Olympic team trials in the 200-meter freestyle. In 1994, he was named head varsity coach.

Peter Quinn completed 18 seasons as a head coach with a double meet record of 65 and 42. During 20 years of his work at OPRF, he won eight Sectional Coach of the Year awards.

The coach has led his team to the four Conference Championships’ victories and four State meet top ten finishes, including the only OPRF Boys State Swimming Championship in 1998.


  1. I was a swimmer at OPRF along with 4 of my brothers and 2 sisters. I want to congradulate the swim coach for all your achievements and believe me when I say you’ll be a part of your swimmers lives for a long time!!!

  2. Congrats, Pete! This is much deserved! Your leadership in the pool, and out of it, proved valuable then and still! Those were great years. I’m proud to call you our coach and mentor! You pushed us physically and mentally; we couldn’t have achieved what we did without you! I’ll never forget your motivational speeches! 🙂 – Henry ’99

  3. Congratulations Peter on being inducted into Illinois Swimming and Diving Association’s Hall of Fame on March 9. It’s a great honor to be the single Illinois swim coach to be chosen this year.


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