River Forest considering improvements to commuter parking lot


River Forest is considering significant capital improvements to the commuter parking lot located at the intersection of Thatcher and Central Ave. The plan, which is estimated to cost at least $100,000, has not yet been approved by village trustees but is being heavily considered, the Chicago Tribune informs.

The River Forest Foundation Sustainability Committee gave their feedback at the Feb. 29 Village Board meeting about different alternatives of resurfacing the parking lot at the northwest corner of Thatcher and Central avenues.

Searching options for adding green initiatives to the lot with stormwater issues, village staff had budgeted $100,000 for the project. However, the green features were estimated more than the regular lot resurfacing.

“A resurfacing of that parking lot costs between $30,000 and $35,000,” Village Administrator Eric Palm said. “Sustainable green parking lots are well into six figures and up to $200,000.”

Katie Brennan, president of the River Forest Foundation and Sustainability Committee, offered to save the budget up to $100,000 by mixing a traditional asphalt and permeable pavers at the parking lot.

“We are excited about the drive aisle paver option because it shows River Forest’s commitment to environmental stewardship within practical cost parameters,” Brennan said.


Palm said the village staff will develop the project, refine cost estimates and provide more details for the village board for final approval, the Chicago Tribune reports.


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