Series of recent robberies in Oak Park


Oak Park police have received reports of four robberies since Nov. 7 and residents are being advised to use caution and avoid distractions.

One arrest has been made so far in the 800 block of South Humphrey Avenue after police responded to an armed robbery that took place on Nov. 13. There were multiple offenders escaping the scene but police were only able to capture one of them hiding in a nearby alley following a foot chase.

The most recent incident occurred on Nov. 16 at around 8:30 p.m. on South Humphrey Avenue near Jackson Boulevard.

Although none of the victims have been seriously physically injured, all four robberies have involved some sort of physical altercation including pushing, kicking and punching, making it difficult for the victims to identify the assailants.

Three of the four robberies have included the use of a handgun, according to the Village. One robbery involved multiple teenage assailants, and according to witness descriptions, police say two of the incidents are believed to be connected.

Residents are being targeted for their cell phones and other personal items. Police are advising Oak Parkers to be aware of their surroundings and avoid walking alone, especially at night. Residents are also strongly advised to give up their possessions in the event of a robbery to avoid potential serious personal injury.

“These types of crimes are difficult to solve without the help of the community,” said Police Chief Rick C. Tanksley. “We ask residents to keep their eyes and ears open for unusual activity or suspicious individuals in their neighborhood and to never hesitate to call 911.”

Any information about a crime can be reported anonymously to the police by calling 708-434-1636, or online at


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