20-story Oak Park apartment project receives preliminary approval

Photo Credit: chicago.curbed.com courtesy of Clark Street Development

Oak Park Station, a 20-story development that includes 428 parking spaces and 271 luxury apartments, received preliminary approval from the Oak Park Plan Commission on July 9 after voting 6-2, according to a report from the Pioneer Press.

The development will be located in downtown Oak Park near Harlem Ave. and Lake St., with construction beginning as soon as November 2015 so long as the project receives final approval from the village, according to the report.

The Plan Commission will meet again Thursday, July 16 to hold public hearings and prepare a formal report for the Village Board, according to the report.

After the project received preliminary approval, Plan Commission member Mark Benson, who along with Garrett Eakin voted no to the project, resigned from his position, according to the report.

Benson wrote the following in an email to the Pioneer Press:

I didn’t read every single page of that massive plan and sit through hours of testimony on multiple nights just so the commission could blindly forward an unfit project. Instead of making a recommendation to the board with a million sweeping contingencies for the developer to change, let’s take another week or two and see the changes. I like this development. I believed that I would be enthusiastically voting yes for this development once it was ready. This is so close to being a good project and government let it down. Acting as it did, it’s not hyperbole to say that the Plan Commission process is completely unnecessary.

Clark Street Real Estate, the developers for the Oak Park Station complex, plan to have the project completed by January or February 2017, according to the report.


  1. I fail to see how this development improves Oak Park in any meaningful way. Yet another fail. Developer gets paid, OP ends up with more vacancies.


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