Bad Santa? A Krampuslauf Fest


Everybody knows that Santa rewards well behaved children with presents at Christmas. But did you know that Santa has a beastly counterpart called Krampus who punishes those who have behaved badly all year? Spoiled children beware!

The Krampus is a monstrous and terrifying creature popular in Eastern and Central European folklore. He’s been known to abduct naughty children in sacks and carry them off to his lair. Often depicted as devilish and hairy, with cloven hooves and horns and carrying rusty chains, the Krampus is much scarier than the prospect of a lump of coal in your stocking.

Join Dancing Krow Studio, at 41 & 43 Harrison St in Oak Park tomorrow, December 12th from 6-10 pm, as they celebrate at Krampuslauf Fest. The event will honor all things German, from German beer to German chocolate cake. Costumes are encouraged; dust off your lederhosen and dirndl from Oktoberfest or dress as your favorite Christmas character. The event is open to the public, and all ages are welcome. Bring your kids, there will be excellent photo ops with Krampus. And if they’ve been bad this year, they just might get carried off in a sack to the Krampus Lair!

For more information, contact Dancing Krow Studio at 708.601.7497



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