Bill Sponsored for Vehicle Registration Grace Period

Photo Credit: Twitter

Rep. Camille Lilly, D- Chicago, is sponsoring a bill which seeks to provide motorists an extra 30 days to renew their license plate registration fee from fines, late fees, or tickets.

“It’s not fair to make motorists pay for the state’s inability to find common ground and pass a responsible budget,” Lilly told the OPRF Patch. “A lot of people rely on receiving a renewal reminder in the mail, and we shouldn’t punish them with even more costs as a result of ongoing budget shortfalls and cutbacks.”

The Secretary of State’s office has stopped mailing out renewal notices as a result to the budget impasse, resulting in motorists receiving late fines and citations. In response to this and a desire for a 30 grace period, Lilly is sponsoring House Bill 4334.

According to the Patch, “So long as registered motorists’ registrations have not expired and have not yet received a notification from the Illinois Secretary of States office regarding their expirations, then drivers can be safeguarded by the 30-day grace period in which to renew their policies.”

Motorists are able to see the date for their next renewal by signing for email by using this link. Registration cards will be needed to input PIN and ID numbers.

“I urge my colleagues in the General Assembly to quickly enact this so we can provide much-deserved help to our constituents,” Lilly told the Patch.

Lilly represents the 78th District, which includes parts of Chicago, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Oak Park, and River Grove. If you wish to contact her office, please call (773) 473-7300 or email her at


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