Café Descartes aims to open this summer in Downtown Oak Park

Photo courtesy of the Cafe Descartes Facebook page

The storefront at 1018 Lake Street in Downtown Oak Park was once a thriving Starbucks franchise. In fact, the location used to be known throughout the village as the “original” Oak Park Starbucks.

So what happened? Why has this storefront been vacant for years? Oak Parkers started venturing to other shops which offered more than 910 square feet of interior space, and the coffee giant decided it was time to move on as it seemingly outgrew the building.

Seeing this as a golden opportunity, Chicago-based Café Descartes, known for thriving in scaled-down settings, announced that they will open its seventh Chicagoland location at 1018 Lake Street in Oak Park, and plan on serving its first customer by the end of summer 2016.

Café Descartes owner Sony Javid has set meetings this week with a contractor to explore the space and set a date for construction, according to a story reported by the Tribune.

“It’s very important when I was looking for a location,” Javid said about opening a franchise in Oak Park. “I think in a couple of months, we should be open.”

Downtown Oak Park is a prime location for people who want to purchase a quick cup of coffee or tea while shopping or enjoying the village scenery. Despite being a small shop, the new Café Descartes will once again provide the community with the option for fast caffeinated “pick-me-ups.”

Photo courtesy of the Café Descartes Facebook page


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