D200 School Board Approves Large Project

Photo courtesy of the OPRF Facebook page

The D200 School Board recently approved the largest facilities project in 50 years. The new project resulted from the Imagine OPRF Work Group and is estimated to cost $32,631,500, which will come from existing cash reserves. The Imagine OPRF Work Group was formed in the spring of 2017 and was charged with recommending a fiscally responsible facilities master plan to the Board of Education with efforts to support equity as well as present and future academic needs.

The Master Plan Project 1 includes construction and renovation of the south cafeteria, main entrance, 76 general education classrooms, classrooms and facilities for the Special Education TEAM, student commons, all-gender restrooms, science labs, daycare facilities, a student resource center, and an ADA-compliant elevator in the north end of the building. The facilities for the Special Education TEAM, which include classrooms, a kitchen, laundry area, sensory room, and ADA-compliant restroom were marked as the most urgent of the needs moving forward. The School Board has also requested that the administration propose a plan by May 2020 for funding additional building needs including locker rooms, a pool replacement, and an ADA-compliant elevator in the south end of the building.

The approved master plan is not set in stone. It is considered a living document and will be modified as needed after the early projects have been assessed. There could also be changes if the needs of the school change, or additional funding becomes available. It will be up to the discretion of the Board to decide the scheduling of the recommended work, how to best implement the plan, and where the funding will come from.


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