District 90 revises air conditioning plan for schools


The original plan to provide air conditioning for all three District 90 schools has been revised due to the ongoing Illinois budget issue. A Feb 2. board meeting determined that only the Roosevelt Middle School auditorium will receive air conditioning, for now.

District 90, which includes Roosevelt Middle School, Willard and Lincoln elementary schools, had recently proposed a plan that would provide air conditioning for the three schools. The project was slated to cost upwards of $3.9 million, according to Director of Finance and Facilities, Anthony Cozzi. Administrators are now considering only financing an air conditioning installation for the Roosevelt Middle School auditorium.

Mechanical, electrical, environmental and architectural upgrades are planned for the auditorium. The project is estimated to cost as much as $307,000 after engineering and contingency fees were factored in. Board member Richard Moore is optimistic about the investment, stating “There are real numbers to suggest that climate affects learning.”

The board previously presented chilled-water techniques and fans to cool classrooms as a cost-effective solution for the time being. District Superintendent Ed Condon added, “Potentially, when more information is known about revenues going forward, we can come back to the board this fall or winter again to discuss the possibility of some alternative solutions.”

According to Cozzi, the district plans to bring bids back to the school board in the coming months in hopes of completing the work for the 2016-2017 school year.


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