Drug dealer sentenced to 40 years for conspiring murder


Toby Jones, a leader of a group of armed drug dealers, received a 40-year prison sentence May 16 for conspiring twice with his associates to murder a federal informant in Oak Park during the spring of 2014.

According to the U. S. Attorney’s Office, Jones wanted to retaliate for the victim helping the U. S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, according to media reports. He had been leading the group of armed drug dealers who sold heroin and cocaine on West Side of Chicago and western suburbs, the USAO said via testimony at Jones’ trial.

“The south and west sides of Chicago are racked with armed drug dealers who terrorize the community with the violence and social decay that inevitably accompanies their pernicious trade,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean J.B. Franzblau said in the government’s sentencing memorandum. Attempting to murder a federal witness is “an effort to weaken the institutions and processes that maintain social order,” he continued.

According to USAO, a confidential informant introduced to 38-year-old Jones an undercover ATF agent in December of 2013. Jones had been selling crack cocaine to the informant and the undercover agent for several months, patch.com reports. He also asked the undercover agent for a gun with a high-capacity magazine in exchange for cocaine.

In March 2014, Jones sent a drug dealer, Wesley Fields, to buy the gun from the undercover agent. During the meeting, federal authorities arrested Fields. Last week, Fields was sentenced to nine years and nine months in jail for participation in a drug conspiracy and possession of a firearm in 2015.

According to USAO, when Toby Jones learned about Fields’ arrest, he tracked down and tried to kill the confidential informant who arranged the gun sale. The drug dealer leader fired shots through the door of the informant’s apartment in Oak Park, injuring a bystander but not the informant.

A week later, Jones’ brother Kelsey Jones shot at the informant’s car near the same building in Oak Park, injuring the informant and another passenger in the car, the USAO informs. All three wounded people in the murder attempts survived.

39-year-old Kelsey Jones of Chicago and Toby Jones were convicted earlier this year of conspiring with one another in the attempted murder of the informant. In addition, Toby Jones was found guilty of cocaine distribution and illegal possession of a firearm. Kelsey Jones was also convicted on drug and gun charges, patch.com reports.

The Oak Park Police Department participated in the investigation.


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