Firefighters bring dog back to life after house fire

Photo Credit: The Video Catalyst Project YouTube

Sunday, March 29 – A house fire on the 200 block of Pleasant St. left several pets trapped inside, including a 100-pound mastiff named Romulus, according to the OPRF Patch.

Firefighters from River Forest and Forest Park assisted the Oak Park Fire Department with the ordeal that left two kittens dead as a result of smoke inhalation, according to Fire Chief Peter Pilafis.

The respondents arrived on the scene at roughly 6:30 p.m., where it is unclear what caused the fire. Despite the extreme blazes that can be seen on a YouTube video uploaded by The Video Catalyst Project at the end of the article, firefighters were able to rescue several pets including a hedgehog, turtles, fish, and the mighty Romulus, according to the OPRF Patch.

A neighbor to the building bordering the west side of the fire, Lori Yoder, said that firefighters carried the wilted dog out of harm’s way, and resuscitated him back to life using an oxygen tank designed for animals, according to

You can watch the full YouTube video here:



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