Driver carjacked at gunpoint in Oak Park


Several home surveillance cameras recorded an armed carjacking of a Lou Malnati’s pizza delivery driver on the 1000-block of Highland Avenue in Oak Park late night March 25. Four perpetrators, described as teenagers, are responsible for the crime, ABC 7 reports.

Police say two of the four teenagers were armed with handguns but the delivery driver was left behind unharmed.

“The safety of our employees and customers is our highest priority,” Lou Malnati’s posted a statement. “We are looking into an incident that occurred last night involved one of our employees.”

An Oak Parker, Max Kersten, told ABC 7 it is unfortunate that someone is trying to make a living, minding their own business, and then something like that happened.

“If these guys are desperate, there are many other ways to move and get around in life,” said Richard Kersten after watching the surveillance video of carjacking.

Police currently have no suspects in custody.



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