Having a fun, safe Halloween in Oak Park


Halloween; the one day a year when we can dress up however we want to, feast on mountains of treats and enjoy the beautiful Fall weather is upon us, Oak Parkers. All Hallows Eve just so happens to be one of my favorite holidays, which is why I would be delighted to share some tips to ensure you get the most out of your Saturday while staying safe.

This Halloween I plan on dressing up as Thor, my absolute favorite superhero. For those who are familiar with Thor, they know the Asgardian wields a large hammer. Of course the hammer I’m using for my costume will be plastic, flexible and completely harmless, which brings me to my first point: Make sure your costume accessories are safe. Everyone loves the classic Freddy or Jason look for Halloween, but make sure your accessories are harmless to yourself and those around you.

Avoid trick-or-treating alone, this is especially important for the younger crowd! While trick-or-treating alone may seem like the quickest way to stock up on candy, it’s certainly not the safest way. Go out and enjoy trick-or-treating with your friends and family, after all, isn’t Halloween all about enjoying the experience with others?

Another helpful tip most people seem to forget during Halloween; watch for cars! Not everyone trick-or-treats on foot, be courteous and cautious of ongoing traffic throughout your trick-or-treat route. Police normally crack down on reckless driving for the holiday, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you plan on rocking a cape (like me) or other loose clothing this Halloween, you might want to watch out for open flames. Though this may seem like an obvious tip, some houses go all out on the jack-o-lanterns and the last thing you’d want is your costume to go up in flames. Simply be aware of your costume and you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

These next series of tips you may have heard a lot on the news every time Oct. 31 rolls around: Examine your candy at the end of the night, don’t accept loose treats, and watch for tampered packaging. Every year there always seems to be some sort of report of a child getting sick due to eating tainted candy. Be responsible, examine your stock at the end of the night, and if it means you miss out on an extra Snickers or Twix bar than so be it.

Be kind to all your fellow neighbors who grant you some treats this Saturday! Make sure you’re respectful, say thank you and be on your way to yet another successful Halloween, Oak Parkers.


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