Hit-and-run ends after SUV crashes into Forest Park apartment

Photo courtesy of WGN-TV

Photo courtesy of WGN-TV

An auto theft and hit-and-run that started in Elmhurst Wednesday afternoon ended after the vehicle crashed into an apartment building on the 500 block of Jackson in Forest Park. Eight people are in police custody in connection with the crimes.

A number of people stole a 2016 Infinity SUV that was parked in a residential driveway in the 200-block of Grantley in Elmhurst around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday. The carjackers took off in the SUV but were eventually pulled over near North and Emroy Avenues in Elmhurst after crashing into another vehicle, according to police.

Seven of the alleged carjackers started running from the scene but were round up by police within minutes near 2nd Street and Addison Avenue. While the other perpetrators were running, the driver sped off only to crash into the Forest Park apartment building 

“I heard sirens going and then I heard the bang,” neighbor Carolyn Jones tells ABC7. “It was like nine police cars out here at the time, but I didn’t see who was in the car.”

The woman who lives in the Forest Park apartment was in the building at the time but not within the vicinity of where the car crashed.

“She had just thought about that yesterday, that it’s so dangerous here, she said ‘I never sit in my front because I’m always scared somebody’s gonna run through there, a car coming up through there,’ and that’s what happened,” said Jones. “Very, very lucky she wasn’t in her living room because she wouldn’t be here.”

There were no injuries as a result of the auto theft and hit-and-run, according to police.


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