Jimmy Butler makes surprise visit to Fenwick High School


Chicago Bulls’ star Jimmy Butler made a surprise visit to Fenwick High School on April 1 to talk about his new shoe, life in the NBA and education. Butler recently debuted his performance shoe, the Jordan Ultra.Fly, under the Jordan Brand.

Fenwick is a Jordan Brand sponsored school, so it’s only right that Jimmy Butler made a pit stop there to promote his new product. Unknowing of Butler’s visit, a science classroom filled with students quickly turned into a “sneaker showcase” set for Butler to discuss everything from his journey to the NBA to the importance of education.

Life in the NBA:

“I just find it fun to go up against LeBron, KD all the people you all see on TV. I want to know, ‘Can you give me 50 points?’ If you can give me 50, you’re real. That’s what motivates me to go up against these guys because I think of myself as one of the best players in the League,” said Butler.

The importance of education:

“I made a promise to my family that I was going to get my degree before I went pro. I wasn’t that good in high school all the way up through college, but my senior year something clicked, and I just became a decent basketball player. School is so important. The way our League is, the average length [of someone’s career] is like four years. There are guys like Kobe that play 20, and then you have guys that I was drafted with like MarShon Brooks, JaJuan Johnson. They were only in the League for a year or two. You can’t play this game forever, but you can always fall back on your degree and your knowledge. I take great pride in that. I actually want to go back and get my master’s, and with all the free time I have, I don’t see why I can’t do it. A degree will take you way farther than any of this basketball stuff ever could.”

The Ultra.Fly performance shoe officially drops later this month. The price is listed as $125.

Photos and quotes come courtesy of Slamonline


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