Mama Thai facing $50,000 contaminated food lawsuit

Photo courtesy of Yelp

Mama Thai, the casual restaurant on Madison Street known for its authentic Thai menu, is facing a lawsuit for serving contaminated food to a customer in August 2013, according to a report from Cook County Record.

Natalie Zaldivar officially filed the lawsuit on Friday, Aug. 14 citing negligence on behalf of Mama Thai. Zaldivar claims that the restaurant served her a contaminated meal that led her to become very ill. She also claims that she continues to suffer from symptoms today, according to the report.

Mama Thai currently holds a 3.5/5 star review on Yelp and a 4/5 star rating on Google Reviews. Out of 23 Google Reviews, most users who had a positive experience at the restaurant claim that the staff was friendly and the food was enjoyable. Those who commented negatively about the restaurant cited bland food but nothing about negligence.

Zaldivar is seeking $50,000 plus costs for experiencing severe illness and extensive personal injuries. The claim cites that Mama Thai did not inspect the quality of the food served, which is the responsibility of the restaurant under USDA safety code, according to the claim.


  1. We have been eating at and enjoying Mama Thai since they opened and will continue to do so. I am sorry that this person became ill but I find it improbable that it can be traced to Mama Thai or that after this length of time one can still suffer from the symptoms.

  2. My husband and I eat at Mama Thai very regularly and have never gotten food poisoning. The woman suing needs to find a hobby instead of preying on small, family-owned businesses to earn her income.


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