Mosquito Spraying Scheduled For Thursday

Cases of the West Nile Virus have been discovered in Oak Park before but there are no known in cases in 2018

As a preliminary caution against traces of the West Nile Virus ending up in Oak Park, the Des Plaines Valley Mosquito Abatement District has scheduled a spraying from 9 p.m. to midnight on Thursday, July 26, throughout the Village.

This is the first scheduled spraying to occur in Oak Park this year. As days become more humid like they have in the past couple weeks, the threat of West Nile cases in humans increases, which is why the Village is taking this preventive measure.

West Nile is typically spread after a mosquito bites an infected dead bird, followed by a person. Children, pregnant women and the elderly are at the highest risk to contract the disease, according to the US Health Department.

In addition to the spraying, we encourage the following tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites:

  • Cover exposed areas of your body at night by wearing long sleeves or pants.
  • Use insect repellent spray that contains DEET, Picaridin, or lemon eucalyptus oil.
  • If hanging out at night outside on your front porch or backyard, light insect repellant candles.
  • Clean out bird baths or gutters as exposed bodies of water are a recipe for mosquito breeding grounds.

In summary, don’t be alarmed if you see chemicals being sprayed throughout the Village on Thursday. This event has been coordinated to prevent the spread of West Nile and should not to be confused with the evil intentions of Scarecrow from Batman Begins.

Oak Park residents who wish to be notified for any and all scheduled sprayings may sign up through the Community Notification System.


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