Oak Park Seeks 13th Police Chief

The Village of Oak Park is looking for a new police chief following the retirement of Chief Anthony Ambrose and is requesting the community's input

Photo Courtesy of Oak Park Police Department

The hunt is on for a new police chief in Oak Park. The new chief will be the 13th person to hold the position since the village was incorporated in 1902. The Village of Oak Park began the search when Police Chief Anthony Ambrose retired after being on medical leave. Deputy Police Chief LaDon Reynolds has been serving as interim police chief since April (when Reynolds went on medical leave) and will continue to hold the position until a new chief has been hired.

While the Village Manager is responsible for appointing the police chief, there has been a request for input from the residents of Oak Park through an online survey. Villagers can share what is important to them in regards to the police chief up until September 23rd. The survey covers everything from what qualities in a chief are most important to you, to how you’ve been treated previously by the Oak Park Police. Cara Pavlicek, Oak Park Village Manager, noted that input from the public is important and that the process for hiring a new chief will be rigorous.

The hiring process will include the usual background check and references as well as a series of interviews for the finalists.  Each finalist will be interviewed by different panels representing residents, community leaders, and the youth in our community along with village staff and the Village Manager. The final decision will be up to Pavlicek, who will take into consideration the input from the community survey and those involved in the interview process.


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