OPRF represents in 2016 Boston Marathon

The 120th annual Boston Marathon. Photo Credit: www.baa.org

On Monday, April 18, the 120th Boston Marathon kicked off with more than 30,000 runners who participated in the 26.2-mile run from Hopkinton to Boston.  This year, the champions of the race were Lemi Berhanu Hayle and Lelisa Desisa from Ethiopia, finishing with times of  02:12:45 and 02:13:32

Among the 30,000 people who decided to run the world’s oldest and most prestigious annual marathon, 16 of those runners came from Oak Park and River Forest.  

Here are the Oak Park runners and their marathon times, according to official results:

  • Ivan Arenas, 02:58:38
  • Anna Curato, 03:16:53
  • Carolyn Lundgren, 03:29:18
  • Maricruz Ponce De Leon, 03:40:46
  • Doug Schenkelberg, 03:41:23
  • Kathleen Dudaryk, 03:41:52
  • Dick Walstra, 03:42:23
  • Jeffery Trevino, 03:54:39
  • Ronitha Maharaj, 04:06:33
  • Greg Wolski, 04:06:34
  • Martin Huggins,  04:09:27
  • Jennifer Kennedy, 04:11:02
  • Jung Kim, 04:11:23
  • Alec Burnham, 05:02:25

Here are the River Forest runners and their times:

  • Steve Hlavin, 03:08:06
  • Kelly Simon, 03:36:00
  • Camille Hoover, 03:48:59
  • Patty Herrera, 04:17:02

Also representing River Forest as well as Oak Park was Dominican University assistant professor of accounting in the Brennan School of Business, Dick Walstra.  This was his third time running the Boston Marathon since 2011 and has completed a total of 11 marathons throughout his running career.  He ran in the 60-64-year-old age group and completed the race with a time of 03:42:23, according to official results.

The 121st Boston Marathon will be held on Monday, April 17, 2017.  For more information and finishing times, click here


  1. Allow me to add two more names to the list of OP runners at Boston.
    Carolyn Lundgren – 03:29:18
    Martin Huggins – 04:09:27
    Congratulations to all of you!


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