OPRF School District 200 Contract Negotiations in Mediation

Photo Credit: Brian Crawford

Over the last six months, teachers at Oak Park and River Forest High School District 200 have been in negotiations over their contract.  The former contract, which expired at the conclusion of the last school year was in effect for the last four years.

In a statement made last week, both parties acknowledged negotiations over the past six months made progress to reaching an agreement but will likely require mediation:“At this time, the Board and Faculty Senate teams mutually believe that the assistance of a mediator is needed to bring closure to the negotiations.  The parties are committed to using the mediation process toward a successful outcome. That process will begin as soon as possible.”

According to data pulled from Illinois Report Card, District 200  reported average per student spending on instruction in 2016 to be $14,822 versus a state average of $7,853.

Average per-pupil spending in District 200

The amount of money a district spends on each student is often greatly dependent upon the local tax base. Although high spending itself does not ensure academic achievement, research suggests a positive correlation between the amount of money spent educating a student and the quality of education they receive.

The 2018-19 school year did start on time despite the lack of agreement.


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