OPRF to Reprint Yearbook Amid Discovery of ‘Circle Game’ Photos


Oak Park River Forest High School will pay $53,000 to re-print the 2019 yearbook publication. Throughout the book, 18 photos appear of students making the ”ok” gesture and as such playing the trendy “made you look” game that has recently adopted undertones of white supremacy. 1,750 yearbooks were printed and delivered to the school last week; they have not yet been distributed.

The administration acknowledges that yearbook staff did nothing wrong and weighed other options like covering the images with stickers or removing pages but ultimately decided a re-print was the best option. The Chicago Tribune reported that Superintendent Joylynn Pruitt-Adams explained “Things in this country change so rapidly. I do not want anyone to think we are accusing our students of anything. For us, it was the impact of what the publication could have on the student body.”


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