Pete’s Fresh Market coming to Oak Park in September

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Pete’s Fresh Market, a family-owned supermarket chain that started on Chicago’s South Side in the 1970’s, will open a location at 259 Lake St. in Oak Park on Wednesday, Sept. 2, according to the official Facebook page of the business.

Photo Credit: Pete's Fresh Market Facebook
Photo Credit: Pete’s Fresh Market Facebook

The Oak Park location will be the twelfth store franchise and one of the first to obtain a C-1 package liquor license. Pete’s Oak Park will be selling craft beers, wine and there will also be a cheese station near the rear of the store, according to a Pete’s Fresh Market official.

The 259 Lake St. location was formerly occupied by Dominick’s, which closed in Dec. 2013. Pete’s Fresh Market purchased the lot shortly after in early 2014, according to a report from the Pioneer Press.

“We had talked to Pete’s about that location and other locations in Oak Park,” Viktor Schrader of the Oak Park Economic Development Commission told the Tribune. “We are pleased they came in with the highest and best bid that got them the location.”

The Village Board unanimously approved the C-1 package liquor license for the business in a meeting on July 20. 600 square feet out of the building’s 50,000 square feet total is expected to be used for an extensive wine selection for customers, according to a report from the Pioneer Press.

Pete’s Fresh Market has already received a high number of job applications for the new store, and encourages anyone interested to do so online.


  1. We are very excited about Pete’s Fresh Market coming to Oak Park! I always do a “once-a-week” shopping trip and buy about $150-$175 worth of groceries. My problem: no car! Will you consider setting up a delivery service? Two grocery stores in Oak Park have delivery services: Carnival Fools on S. Oak Park Avenue and Fair Share Foods on Roosevelt. You’ll get my business, for one, and many other seniors, too!


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