Police, District 200 investigating OPRF sexual assault


Law enforcement and School District 200 are investigating a sexual assault incident that involved two Oak Park-River Forest High School students.

A 16-year-old male student allegedly made a sexual advance on an 18-year-old female student without her consent after school hours (8:35-8:45 p.m.) on Wednesday, Dec. 9. No charges have been filed, according to police.

“The district cannot share explicit details, as the incident involved only students,” according to an official statement written by District 200. “The district took immediate measures specific to this incident. In addition, we have taken steps to see how we might enhance the security measures we already have in place to ensure the safety of students.”

The school also stated that it will begin installing additional cameras throughout the building during Winter Break and take steps to review the degree of access that has been allowed on campus after hours.

This is not the first case of sexual assault to be reported at the school this year, however, it is the first to involve two students. Last week, OPRF English teacher and co-sponsor of the Spoken Word Club Jeremy Lind was charged with sexual assault of a minor.

One students told ABC 7 that it has been “a very bad year for the school” given the recent publicity.

District 200’s statement concludes: “Incidents of sexual violence on our campus, however rare, let us know we must do more. Sexual violence will not be tolerated. Opportunities will be provided for staff and students to reflect on what we can and will do to make the high school a place that is physically and emotionally safe for all.”


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