Police Station lobby open for public use

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Village of Oak Park

The lobby of the Oak Park Police Station, 123 Madison Street, is available to the public for in-person meetings and face-to-face transactions. Police officials are encouraging residents to make use of the lobby, which is open, well-lit and staffed 24 hours a day.

The announcement comes after a series of high-profile crimes committed nationwide by perpetrators who arranged meetings with their victims through online forums. In the most recent example, a St. Louis man killed an Illinois college student after meeting him about a car that was for sale on Craigslist.

“We urge everyone to be careful when coordinating in-person transactions, particularly those arranged through online sites where someone’s identity can be easily obscured,” said Police Chief Rick C. Tanksley. “The police station is always available as a safe venue for finalizing transactions or conducting exchanges.”

For years, the police station has been used for parental custody exchanges. The lobby is located on the lower level of the municipal building on Madison Street, which also houses Village Hall.

For more information on the Police Department, email police@oak-park.us or visit www.oak-park.us/police.


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