Pro Bono Network Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Photo courtesy of the PBN Facebook page

The Pro Bono Network (PBN), an Oak Park-based organization comprised of volunteer attorneys who offer services to low-income Illinois residents, is celebrating its fifth anniversary.

The company has been described as the “Uber of Legal Aid” by, as PBN uses gig economy principles of flexible time commitments and partnered work agreements. PBN Executive Director Donna Peel told The Story Exchange, “To give people the dignity of knowing that they have a right to the judicial process and to have an attorney help them along the way…it’s extraordinarily powerful.”

Looking forward, Peel hopes that within the next 10 years, PBN will expand to eliminate barriers to volunteering for attorneys throughout Illinois, according to a press release from Jenny Shepherd Public Relations.

PBN was started in 2011 by 11 attorney-mothers who wanted to put their legal skills to use while taking a break from paid employment.  Though initially a network composed of mostly stay-at-home moms, PBN has grown into a 200 member organization that now attracts attorneys with diverse work arrangements including solo practitioners, part-timers, and retirees throughout the Chicago-land area, according to the press release.

PBN’s office is located at 7115 W. North Ave. #253, Oak Park. For more information on the organization, visit

Photo courtesy of the PBN Facebook page


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