Restricted street parking and required snow shoveling, and more From the Village

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the Village of Oak Park
Snow means restricted street parking
When the snow emergency parking rules are in effect, parking is prohibited all hours on major streets designated as snow routes (see map below). Parking is restricted from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on residential streets to one side of the street determined by the odd/even address. For Nov. 21, parking would be restricted to the odd side of the street (west and south sides). To find out if the parking restrictions are in effect, call 708.358.7669 for a recorded message. More information on parking when it snows is posted at
Map of the designated snow routes
New electricity aggregation contract requires no action
Electricity customers who receive a letter from Constellation Energy about the Village’s aggregation program need take no action to be enrolled automatically onDec. 1. Instead of buying renewable energy certificates, or RECs, the new Village aggregation program will capture three-tenths of one cent of the fee consumers pay to create a fund for supporting local renewable energy projects. Click here to read more…
Sidewalk shoveling required
Property owners who shovel their sidewalks are doing more than making it safer for pedestrians of all ages – they also are complying with the law. Village ordinance requires snow and ice to be removed from the public sidewalk within 24 hours following any snow, sleet or freezing rain. Being a good neighbor is important, too, so property owners are urged to help those who may need help clearing a sidewalk. For more information on the shoveling requirement or help resources, call708.358.5700 or email
Be sure refuse, recycling containers are accessible
Snow in alleys can sometimes make it difficult for refuse haulers to empty trash and recycling containers. To avoid a missed pickup, residents are asked to make sure access to their bins is not blocked by snow.  To report a missed pickup, call Waste Management, Oak Park’s contractor, toll free at 888.656.5350.  Click here for more informationon refuse hauling.


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