Saggy Pants, Public Enemy Number One

Photo by Darren Sands

Forest park may bring literal meaning to “Fashion Police”. The Forest Park village council is coming close to voting on an ordinance that will fine anyone wearing saggy pants. So watch out Justin Bieber and 90’s hip-hop artists, you might be receiving a hefty ticket soon.

The mayor of Forest Park, Anthony Calderone, said that his residents have been complaining about low hanging pants for years now, and he’s putting his foot down on pants being down.

The fashion trend comes from U.S. prisons banning belts which led to convicts exposing their underpants to their cellmates and to the rest of America.

Calderon has stated that police finding violators will issue anywhere from a “pull your damn pants up!” warning to a $750 fine. He said he’s not worried of any racial profiling if the ordinance does pass.

I don’t buy the argument that it’s racial profiling, I’ve heard that, we certainly have seen all ethnicities wear pants well below the waistline, this is not racial profiling, this is more in line with behavior profile,” Calderone said. He may not admit to it, but Calderone probably sees “General” Larry Platt as a true American hero for writing the song “Pants on the Ground”.

Some cities like Flint, Michigan, Opa-loka, Florida, Albany, Georgia, have ordinances into law banning saggy pants and fining, even jailing anyone who is caught with their pants down.

The leader of the free world even has an opinion on the issue. President Barack Obama has asked all these young men who are walking next to their mothers and grandmothers to pull their pants up, but has also said ordinances on banning saggy pants are “a waste of time”.

Calderon wants to do more research and form a committee before bringing the ban to a vote.


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