Snow In The Village

Winter has already started following the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend


What brings that special dose of glistening white holiday cheer to the trees and streets of Oak Park also brings a sense of confusion over parking and shoveling-induced twinges of back injuries of Christmases past.

If you are like me, even the most treaded Sorel boot won’t save you from slipping and sliding on a walk to the green line. Snow removal in Oak Park is a serious business. Think of all the apartment buildings, homes, and sidewalks that quickly need to be shoveled and salted.

In 2016, Illinois passed Snow Removal Service Liability Limitation Act. This new legislation limits liability on snow removal contractors and puts responsibility back on property owners. This being said, it’s vital property owners trust their removal service to reduce liability.

McAdam, a local landscaping and snow removal company explained they operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with a 60 piece plow team making them the largest fleet in Oak Park and the surrounding suburbs. Equal parts meteorologists, environmental scientists and snow and ice removal specialists, the company prides themselves on their experience and commitment to both their clients and the environment.

Scott McAdam Jr., the company’s Vice President of Snow and Ice Management, said We are very conscious of the environmental impacts of chlorides and have reduced the chloride inputs while still being able to provide our clients with safe pavements,” McAdam Jr. said. “De-icing pavements is calibrated to allow the appropriate amount of material with the least amount of environmental impact.”

In anticipation of the blizzard that hit on Sunday night into Monday morning, the Public Works Department sent out e-mails and posted their emergency parking rules. This means that parking is prohibited on all designated snow routes (Augusta Boulevard, Austin Boulevard, Chicago Avenue, Division Street, Garfield Street, Harlem Avenue, Harrison Street, Jackson Boulevard, Lake Street, Madison Street, North Avenue, Oak Park Avenue, Ridgeland Avenue, Roosevelt Road and Wisconsin Avenue from Madison Street to the emergency entrance of Oak Park Hospital).

You can call 708.358.SNOW (7669) to hear an automated message indicating whether a snow parking ban is in place. See the Village of Oak Park website for more detailed instructions. For more information about McAdam, including rates on snow removal services, call 708-771-2299.


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