Stop Throwing Your Money In The Trash


At the last Village Hall Meeting there was much discussion regarding the trash collections in an effort to raise money for improved alley ways.  This discussion brought up some interest in regards to how residents can save money in their current trash program.

#1 The Village’s garbage contractor provides 96-gallon and 64-gallon wheeled containers for trash.  Did you know you have a choice and that one costs more than the other?  If you are using the 96-gallon container you are paying $21.38 per month.  If you are lucky enough to have downgraded to the 64-gallon container, you are paying $18.10 per month.  Most of the time, you are using whatever container the last dweller of your home used and haven’t made a choice.  If you’d like to use the smaller container simply call the public works office at 708-358-5700.

#2  The compost program that Oak Park offers allows residents to throw away their food scraps and yard waste into one container.  By participating in the compost program you can save $2.40 for each yard waste sticker purchased.  That means they are FREE!  There is a fee associated with the program, but it can be shared between neighbors.  In the long run, you are definitely saving money AND the environment.

#3 Oak Park offers a small incentive to get those holiday decorations down at a reasonable time every year.  The Village’s refuse hauler collects holiday trees during the second and third weeks of January.  Trees picked up at regular collection points on regularly scheduled pick up days if they are free of plastic bags, decorations and tree stands.  If you are one of the wise residents to get your tree out on time, you’ll save money and time from having to pay to have your tree picked up separately or having to lug it off to a composting site yourself.



  1. […] Fortunately that money does not come out of your property taxes.  Rather it is raised from fees such as the ones that you pay for your trash and recycling receptacles as well as your water and sewer service.  The cost for your trash cans and your water and sewer fees, will both be increased this year, but there are still opportunities to save (see our post from earlier this month). […]


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