Thanksgiving…It’s What’s for Dinner


Every year, as my family gets bigger and bigger, we always try to cram around the same old table for that traditional meal for Thanksgiving.  We grab chairs from other rooms and slide them up with the addition of each new member to the family.  It’s already a trick in itself to squeeze into one room, a large group consisting of my 7 year old nephew, who bounces more than Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, but also having to deal with the cooking, cleaning, shouting, video games in the background, the heat cranked up just too high and “who’s in the bathroom?”.

If your Thanksgiving experience is like mine, why not change it up this year?  Barclay’s American Grille, located inside the Carleton Hotel, prides itself on being a perfect place to gather with friends and family.  The restaurant offers a great mix of contemporary decor highlighted with traditional fixtures and family style photos from around Oak Park from decades past.

This year they are offering a Thanksgiving Day buffet, complete with roasted turkey breast, Yukon Gold whipped potatoes, candied yams, assorted veggies, butter rolls and of course, pumpkin pie.  The buffet will be open from 11:30am for those that might have to make multiple family gatherings, until 6pm which is late enough for any traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  The restaurant even offers multiple televisions so that those die hard Bears fans won’t have to miss a minute of the game.

So this year, take the pressure off and go enjoy a nice Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, away from the chaos.  Go home and put up the Christmas tree, since there’s no dishes to wash!


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