The Father/Daughter Team at Go! Go! Go! Fundraising

Angie Maguire (left) and Paul Beckwith (right), founders of Go! Go! Go! Fundraising

To this day, Oak Park native Angie Maguire recalls the support from her father during her days as a competitive swimmer. Prior to every race, she would get into ready position on the block, explode into the pool, and rip tirelessly through the water to the cheers of “Go! Go! Go!” from her father, Paul Beckwith. The warm memories between father and daughter are a huge part of the reason for the title of their new business, Go! Go! Go! Fundraising, located in the Pleasant District of Oak Park.

Go! Go! Go! Fundraising embodies a philosophy that helps programs reach their financial goals while eliminating the headaches of traditional fundraising, such as volumes of paperwork or an overcomplicated collection process. Furthermore, they believe in providing groups with highly nutritional energy bars and only using quality ingredients for their products. “We’ve developed a company to help organizations get to the next level by fundraising with energy bars, which have ‘kid appeal,’ but are not junk food,” Maguire said.

With over 20 years of experience in the food brokerage business, Beckwith uses his knowledge to create an affordable product that does not suffer in nutritional value. As a lifetime athlete, Maguire has participated in countless fundraisers, equipping her with the ability to successfully coordinate and communicate with any groups interested in raising money for their respective causes. The pair makes for a dynamic duo and we are excited to report that they are just now taking off.

After breaking ground and outlining the business in August 2014, Go! Go! Go! Fundraising participated in the “Mile in the Middle” event, which is the District 97 Wellness Committee fun run from Brooks Middle School to Percy Julian Middle School. Go! Go! Go! Fundraising provided sample bars to the students at the schools and the response was met positively by kids and parents alike.

A sample of Go! Go! Go! Fundraising's "Crunchy Peanut Butter" bars
A sample of Go! Go! Go! Fundraising’s “Crunchy Peanut Butter” bars

“We’ve participated in countless fundraising efforts for our community, local schools, and sports organizations,” Maguire said. “During our many fundraising experiences, we found a lack of wholesome options available to the organizations doing the fundraising.  We are committed to providing a nutritious and great-tasting product!”

Today, Go! Go! Go! Fundraising is starting to make its indentation by creating jobs and providing sports teams, youth groups, art groups, societies, schools, and any organization interested in raising money for themselves with an opportunity to do so. For example, Maguire and Beckwith are currently working with a church group in southwestern Wisconsin. With the help of Go! Go! Go! Fundraising, the church will be able to reach their monetary goal that will allow them to build and fund a homeless shelter. Closer to home, Go! Go! Go! Fundraising is talking to OPRF’s lacrosse and water polo teams in the effort to add necessary funding to each program.

Part of the reason Go! Go! Go! Fundraising is an attractive partner for groups is its flexible business model. “We want to be easy to work with,” Maguire said. “Often times coaches are so busy so it makes the fundraising process more difficult.” In the effort to eliminate these types of issues, the business will be utilizing a software that can be accessed through their website and it launches March 1, 2015. Once the software is live, you will be able to order, pay, and track progress towards reaching fundraising goals online.

The cost of one box containing 12 bars is $15, and the fundraising organization will make $6 total for every box sold. As of today, they have two flavors: “Chocolate Chip” and “Crunchy Peanut Butter,” but there will be 10 different flavors by the end of next year. With the success they are currently experiencing and exciting plans on the horizon, Maguire and Beckwith are looking forward to the future. “Our goal long term is to eventually partner with a few larger organizations in the next 3 or 4 years,” said Beckwith. “The fun part about this business is that once you do one fundraiser, you find yourself doing many more,” added Maguire.

To conclude, let’s break down what the father/daughter team at Go! Go! Go! Fundraising are doing in the simplest terms:

  • Helping organizations raise money
  • Providing consumers with a highly nutritional product
  • Growing as a company and creating jobs in Oak Park
  • Eliminating the headaches of traditional fundraising

For more information, please visit It will be exciting to see what this company does next.


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