This Weekend Around Oak Park

March 1-3


I recently watched the movie Bird Box. If you have a pulse and an Instagram account, you have likely been inundated with Bird Box meme subculture. Has anyone else felt like Sandra Bullock’s character lately? Trapped indoors, not daring to venture outside as this mysterious and invisible villain lurks. Tortured by this hostile, frigid winter air, it’s best to hunker down in a pillow fort, right?

Hopefully this weekend’s happenings are enough to lure everyone outside of their bunkers and allow us to spread those wings. Whether it’s whiskey or jazz music, there are plenty of ways to warm up happening around town this weekend.

Forest Park St. Patrick’s Parade

Saturday 1PM – 2:30PM in Forest Park

If bagpipes and leaping leprechauns are your thing, head to Madison street for Forest Park’s lively St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Parade begins at 1PM from Madison and Van Buren and travels ease on Madison to Elgin. Who doesn’t love watching the Shriner’s maneuver those tiny little cars? Bars and restaurants in Forest Park will be serving plenty of Irish fare and pouring many stouts and whiskey drinks. Be sure to study your Irish phrases.

Jazz Thaw

3PM to 10PM in DTOP

If you are more Green Mill and less Green Beer, bundle up and head to DTOP for the Jazz Thaw. Enjoy cocktails and tunes as WDCB Radio station hosts free live music performances inside 11 restaurants.

Full schedule

Container Gardening Class

Sunday 1PM – 3PM at OPPL

Continuing the theme of green, learn all things raised beds (attention, urban gardeners!) at the Oak Park Public Library. The Deep Roots Project is hosting a workshop, hosted by Dan Gibbs covering how to grow veggies in large raised beds, watering tips, benefits of container growing, nutrition tips and more!

Sign up here

I will close with my favorite quote from the film. (Hear me out, replace “open your eyes” with “go outside” and “blindfold” with “green beer”):

“In a world where you can’t open your eyes, isn’t a blindfold all you could ever hope for?”

Stay warm out there, friends!


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