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I recently had to get my locks changed. I hired a local locksmith who promptly pulled up to my house at our appointment time. He grimaced as he slid from his work truck and started walking to my door. The man had a full leg cast and an arm in a sling. I looked at his face and expected some kind of grimace. Surely this man had to be in some kind of pain. He explained he had a few surgeries and moved on to the work at hand. As he worked on the locking mechanisms he hummed to himself and had a big smile on his face. I was witnessing pure joy. I thought to myself, when is the last time I broke out into song and genuine smiles at my 9-5? NEVER.

I commented on how it was so nice to see someone take so much pleasure in their work. What he said next stuck with me…there is a point to this rant, I promise. He looked up at me and said,

“Once you have experienced pain and a near death experience, every moment is full of joy”.

I thought I was getting my locks changed but instead got a mind-set change. If you pardon the terrible pun, is this the key to living a satisfying life? Is there a way to adopt this mindset without an experience of great suffering?

Here is to finding joy, friends. Maybe we can start with this weekend:

Farmers Market

Saturday 5/18


Pilgrim Church Parking Lot

It’s been a long winter and it’s finally time. Guys, it’s Farmers’ Market season! Get your doughnuts, get your bluegrass tunes, get your flowers, and get your produce on this Saturday at the 44th season of one of the most wonderful markets in the area.

Saturday 5/18

What’s Blooming on Harrison

Building on the success of its autumn event, Art on Harrison, the Oak Park Arts District launched What’s Blooming on Harrison in 1999. The family oriented event highlights the District through artist demonstrations, live music, dance performances and an art fair featuring select guest artists and local crafts people. The event will run down Harrison Street, from Cuyler Avenue to Humphrey, with the art fair and other Family Fun Activities including a childrens carnival, live music, dance, craft demonstrations and hands-on workshops. The festival will begin at 11 am with the art fair running until 7 pm. Music continues at the Taylor Avenue Beer Garden and Main Stage until 9 pm.

Saturday 5/18

Movies in Scoville Park

The Park District’s movies in the park series begins this Saturday at dusk in Scoville Park. This weekend’s film: Ralph Breaks the Internet


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