Tommy Schaefer confesses to murder of Oak Park resident Sheila von Wiese-Mack

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

BALI, INDONESIA – Tommy Schaefer admitted to killing Oak Park resident Sheila von Wiese-Mack by striking her repeatedly with a metal fruit bowl, the Associated Press reports. Schaefer told the court today he was angered by von Wiese-Mack’s remarks regarding his unborn child.

At the trial of Heather Mack, Schaefer’s girlfriend and daughter of von Wiese-Mack, he claimed von-Wiese Mack never endorsed the relationship and she asked her daughter to abort their child, according to the Associated Press.

“She (von Wiese-Mack) was angry at me when she knew that Heather was pregnant,” Schaefer said through a translator, according to a report by CBS News.

Schaefer continued that it was after von Wiese-Mack suggested an abortion and used a racial slur against him that he started striking her. “I was angry. I took the fruit bowl and hit her,” he said in tears according to the CBS report.

Schaefer and Mack both face death by firing squad if ultimately found guilty in the murder of von Wiese-Mack, according to the Associated Press.



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