Village Seeks Public Input On How Tax Dollars Are Spent


The Taxing Body Efficiency Task Force of Oak Park is requesting public input on how tax dollars are spent to make local government more economically conscious and effective.

After receiving productive feedback from local citizens in the first three weeks of May, the Task Force is mobilizing once again to ask opinions from Oak Parkers regarding property taxes, strengths and weaknesses of local governmental services, redundant services, opportunities for consolidation, and alternative approaches.

“All departments can improve on communication,” said resident Maura O’Hara.

“While there are many examples of duplicative and, more importantly, unproductive spending in our village budget, one that runs under the radar in my view is money spent on maintaining our own health department,” said resident Thomas Cavenagh.

“I believe that the biggest weakness of services in Oak Park is the rate at which roads and alleys are repaired,” said resident Judy Humowiecki. “I believe that maintaining roads is a basic service provided by any village government.”

The mission of the Task Force is to identify, review, evaluate and develop recommendations related specifically to Elementary School District 97, Oak Park Public Library, Oak Park Township, Park District of Oak Park and Village of Oak Park, according to a news release from the village.

The Task Force is charged with providing a final written report to the Board of Trustees of its findings and recommendations by August 20 and then be dissolved upon the submission of the report, according to the village.

Oak Park residents interested in providing input can participate online by visiting


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