What Do You Like About Oak Park?


People say Oak Park is the place where they want to raise their kids. It is the best combination of city and suburban life. This is the place where everything is safe and diverse.

The Freiburg family fell in love with the area many years ago and cannot wait to move into their new Oak Park home. Being regular visitors to its restaurants and shops, Jessica and Michele Freiburg call its residents super friendly and acceptable to people of all walks of life.

“We are so excited to finally have the opportunity to live in Oak Park and raise our children there,” Jessica Freiburg said. “We know the schools and the people are phenomenal and look forward to immersing ourselves even more in that community.”

“We have also fallen in love with Ascension Church in Oak Park, which has welcomed our family with open arms and made us fall back in love with the Catholic church,” Jessica said.


Moving to the neighborhood will give to their family an opportunity to spend more time at their favorite Marion Street Cheese Market (which has recently reopened as new Marion Street Market) and Lake Street Kitchen + Bar.

Dinner with a fellow Oak Parker, Sue Schrek, at one of Jessica’s favorite restaurants in Oak Park – Cucina Paradiso.

The Freiburgs said they are also looking forward to taking their kids to Wonderworks and the Oak Park Farmers Market this summer.

Tory Lowdon, a current resident of Oak Park, also likes taking her two girls for a walk at the various public parks around town. The Lowdons especially enjoy visiting the Holmes Elementary School playground, which is close to their house. It has been a good introduction for their kids to see where they will eventually go to school.

“There are usually familiar faces, so it’s nice to have someone to talk to when the kids are running around,” Tory said.

The neighborhood is considered the Frank Lloyd Wright Historic District, so along with inviting architecture to look at, it is also an easy walk for the Lowdons.

event558d31f7552ea“Scoville Park and the library are also centrally located for us from our home. We can enjoy a leisurely stroll and still have time to go get some books or run around the field,” Tory said.

In the warmer months, there is a concert series, and one can go to hear live music. It is a nice thing to do and support the local economy of Oak Park.

What do you like about the Village of Oak Park? Do you want your story to be published? Share your stories with us, favorite places and pictures of the best moments spent in the neighborhood.

This is the place where people want to raise their kids. They say it is safe, everything is the best and that is why they call it home.


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