What’s been cooking at Felony Franks?


It has been three months since Felony Franks opened its doors on North Avenue in Oak Park. When word spread that a fast food joint that employs former convicts was coming to town, a lot of people had concerns such as, “It didn’t work out in the city so why would it work here?” or “Is this concept even feasible?”

Despite being a small business in its infancy stage, Felony Franks has already made a small, but positive impact on both the economy and society. The restaurant has employed ex-offenders, paid out its staff roughly $35,000 and helps to relieve the strain of public resources used to financially support the unemployed.

“So many business owners ask me ‘isn’t it dangerous to hire ex-offenders?’ or ‘aren’t they lazy or unable to be trained?’” said Felony Franks Co-Owner Deno Andrews. “Well, in four months we have an incredibly professional staff that has earned an average 5-Star Review Rating on Yelp, a distinction that earned me a call from a Yelp executive last week.”

Like any new business, Felony Franks faces risks, but the support of the community has been on display to the point where Andrews believes they can grow. “We are looking to expand into franchises, so if you are interested in getting involved in our growth plans please let me know,” said Andrews.

If you have not yet been to the “Home of the Misdemeanor Weiner,” you can find it at 6427 W. North Ave. in Oak Park. For more information, visit the website at http://felonyfranks.com/.


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