White nationalist group spotted in Oak Park

Photo credit - Twitter

Identity Evropa, a white nationalist group and neo-Nazi organization active in the United States since 2016, was spotted hanging a banner on the Ridgeland Avenue bridge over I-290 in Oak Park on Sunday. The sign said, “Danger: Sanctuary City Ahead” to cars traveling inbound to Chicago from Oak Park.

Police officers ordered the group to take down the sign and disperse, citing Oak Park’s Welcome Ordinance¬†passed in February of 2017. According to the ordinance, hate groups are not allowed to intimidate, threaten, or suggest physical abuse to immigrant community members, whether documented citizens or not.

Video coverage by CBS:

Five men were involved in the incident, a couple of which shielded their faces. Identity¬†Evropa claims to be a generation of awakened Europeans who oppose those who defame history and white cultural heritage, according to the group’s website.


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